Graduated in Dentistry at the University of Valencia. Student, then a visiting dentist, in the United States at dr. Antisdel, Marquette University. Member of the San Raffaele Cultural Implants Research Association (Associazione Culturale Ricerche Implantari San Raffaele). Graduated in Natural Sciences at the University of Genoa and in Evolution of animal and human behavior at the master’s degree at the University of Turin. In 2009 he was a Ph.D. candidate and researcher at the Department of Antropology at Durham University in England. Fieldworker and co-author, among other projects, of a research on the parental investment with dr. Kushnick at the University of Washington Seattle in the United States. Since 2010 he deals exclusively with dentistry with particular interest in periodontal and implant surgery. He works as a freelancer full-time in Genoa and Varazze.