He graduated with honors in Dentistry at the University of Messina in 2012.
He obtained the specialization in Odontostomatological Surgery at the University of Milan in 2018.

From 2014 to date, he is a student and doctor in the Implantology department (head prof. Tiziano Testori) at the Odontoiatric Clinic of I.R.C.C.S. Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute, University of Milan (Director: Prof. Luca Francetti).
From 2015 Surgical Assistant at the Lake Como Institute directed by prof. Tiziano Testori.
Since the first years of his professional growth, he has been particularly interested in the surgical and implantological branch of dentistry, producing numerous articles in national scientific journals.

Since 2013 member of the Italian Society of Oral Surgery and Implantology (SICOI), then Italian Academy of Osseointegration (IAO) and partner ANDI (National Association of Italian Dentists).
He practices free profession in Milan and province.